Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clarification: One Conversation at a Time

So its been a week since launching the Facebook Group: "Pink Elephant Project" and it is so exciting to see 207 members have joined half of which I didn't know prior to launching the group.   There is something that people are responding to that I think has to do with the simple idea of "Cant we all just get along."      

What I noticed is that I really didn't create a focus but rather a greater vision of what is ultimately possible when the world has the courage and commitment to communicate.   A discussion post on the group site about religion prompted me to add some clarity of where I believe we need to focus:  

The Pink Elephant Project is committed to creating the awareness that each individual comes to a conversation with their own personal biases and those biases are based on each individual’s experience in life.   Each of us comes to the table with a perspective that seems right to us.   By first acknowledging this fact we can gain some flexibility in how we respond to another’s opposing view point. 

The second step is more self reflective in nature: looking deep within us to discover why it is that we believe what we believe, and why it is that we sometimes get triggered in the face of another’s opposing view point.    When we can focus inward, give up our righteousness, and soften our expression we can communicate with greater effectiveness.  It ultimately comes down to a rigorous self responsibility that allows us to hear and be heard. 

Pink Elephant Project believes that we have to create the self awareness within our most intimate relationships, learn to be responsible for how we are interpreting the world, learn to be curious and be interested in another’s perspective and see how it is possible that another can believe sometimes in the exact opposite of what we believe. 

Its about individuals, not groups, stereotypes, politics etc and fundamentally seeks to assist an individual handle seemingly difficult topics with another individuals.  

By Focusing on one conversation at a time each one of us can make the shift that allows us to hear and be heard.   By continuing to share what’s possible when we are responsible for our feelings,  overcoming our own righteousness, develop a higher level of compassion, and understanding we can help reach the tipping point that will eventually create a more peaceful and loving planet. 

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