Friday, April 17, 2009

Facebook Fascination

Well its been three days since I created the "Pink Elephant Project" Facebook group and invited all of my 600 Friends.   What has been absolutely amazing to me is how at least 10% of the 123 members of the group are friends of friends.  My friends join, their friends get notified, and curiosity brings them to the group, they sign up!   

The first evening 48 people, the next morning 62 people, that night 108 people, this morning 117 as of right now 123.   Its become an addiction.  I keep refreshing the group page to see the latest number's.   

The other thing that has been incredible is all of the comments, emails, and calls I've received. People are coming out of the woodwork to participate, help, and contribute.   The website is not even up but people are getting inspired by the story!   

If you're on Facebook, join the group!

Oh wait...124!  

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